As part of the pre-contractual and contractual relationships it has with smartness SRLs., With these Regulations to provide some instructions on compliance with safety requirements that is required to enforce all users, holders of computer accounts. 1.


We inform you that SMARTNESS has adopted the appropriate IT measures, as well as ' pre-established various configuration options available to the customer, having in mind that it is up to the Data Controller to minimize, through the adoption of appropriate and preventive security measures, the risks of destruction or loss, even accidental, of the data itself, of unauthorized access or treatment not allowed or not in accordance with the purposes of the collection. Therefore, on the basis of the wide range of options established by SMARTNESS, the customer is obliged to comply with the measures indicated.


The access to the accounts is exclusively allowed to the natural persons in charge of the web account, after passing an authentication procedure, which consists of a code for identifying the personid (userid) associated with a reserved password (password) and exclusively known by you. In this regard, the customer must provide the necessary instructions to ensure the confidentiality of the password, keeping it properly and taking care that third parties can not know it, even inadvertently or fraudulently. It must not be allowed access the account web, if not supervised. In order to avoid unauthorized access, the pass word must not contain references that are easily traceable to the person in charge. The credentials must be disabled in the event of a loss of quality that allows the user access to the account.


Before accessing web the account by electronic means, you need to verify that the terminal is protected: - against the risk of intrusion and malware action, constantly updated; - from the risks of unauthorized access through the use of suitable electronic tools (so-called firewall). The periodic updates (the cd patches) of the operating system and the browser used to access the web account must be updated, in order to prevent any vulnerabilities. A policy for the management and protection of digital media, also removable, containing personal data is adopted. If not used they are destroyed or rendered unusable.


Without prejudice to the obligation to verify the existence of the conditions for the use and conservation of authorization profiles, accounts not used in any case are automatically deactivated by SMARTNESS after a period of three years, upon notice made one month before and 15 days before. After further seven years and six months, the accounts and personal data are permanently deleted, without prejudice to the right of SMARTNESS to keep the information necessary to guarantee and defend the exercise of a right of SMARTNESS srls. and to demonstrate its actual existence.