All orders received before 4.00pm will be shipped the same day.

Parcels are generally delivered within 24 hours via a partner courier (GLS - DHL - Poste Italiane).
Whichever type of shipment you choose, we will provide you with a link to track your package online.
Shipping charges include handling and packing charges and postage. The management costs are fixed, while the transport costs vary according to the total weight of the shipment.

The boxes are suitably large in size and your items are well protected.


Upon receipt of the material and before signing the document carefully check that the number of packages delivered correspond to those mentioned on our document;
check the physical state with particular attention to the effective and complete closure, depending on the case, exclusively and from both sides with:

- Personalized adhesive tape showing "warranty tape - check ...".

- Burglarproof envelope (normally smaller packages).

- In addition, particular attention must be paid to the weight of the package.

For any problem encountered, put the signature of RECEIVED WITH RESERVE describing the reason directly on the delivery document (eg accepted subject to lack of neck, crushed packages, broken or broken cardboard, etc.).
We remind you that if the signature is affixed without contesting any evident damages, the courier is relieved of any responsibility for damages occurred during transport.

If the shipment took place in PORTO FRANCO with a courier agreement with Smartness, send by e-mail or fax this form filled in all its parts and copy of the signed document with specific reservation:


E-mail: spedizioni@smartness.online

Within three days of receipt of the material, if, during the inspection, you should encounter problems related to hidden damage, send a registered letter to the courier in copy of knowledge to Smartness s.r.l.s. specifying,
the damage found with the greatest possible accuracy. It is a good idea to keep all packaging, labels, labels and anything else that can be useful to facilitate the rapid solution of the problem.
The request for hidden damage will be processed only upon acceptance of the file by the courier.

Missing goods NOT eligible for transport


In the event that during the check of the shipment there are inconsistencies between the document and material received or lack of goods within 7 days from receipt of the shipment you must inform us of the problem by sending us via e-mail or fax this form filled in all its parts;
indicate the quantity, the P / N and the description of the material received erroneously in case of discrepancies to make our intervention quick. We also invite you to keep both the packaging and the labels to be able to facilitate our checks.
After that the Customer Care and the warehouse will be activated to make all the necessary checks including:

- Control of Warehouse locations.

- Inventory of products located in the Warehouse and verification of any discrepancies ..

- Check the picking lists in the Warehouse, the shipment quality check and the detection of any serial numbers.

- Verification of the packages and weights quoted on the document and the products shipped.

- Security checks.