REFURBISHED | USED -  An Eco Sustainable and Economical choice

after having regenerated the smartphone or computer, replacing or repairing any damaged parts, the devices are put back on sale at a lower price than the new one. In this category you will find completely regenerated devices and all with Warranty.

ECO-SUSTAINABLE: as buying reconditioned electronic devices means making a significant contribution to the environment.

ECONOMICAL: lower price than new, with savings that can range from 30% to 70% compared to the list price of new.

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All Refurbished Notebooks have a 12-month warranty. The warranty covers all technical defects arising during the warranty period which were not caused by the customer. Some examples are: The device no longer turns on. The device cannot find the network signal. Speakers don't work. The battery and power supply are also covered by a guarantee (6 months). In this case, however, a distinction must be made between normal wear and tear and the presence of a technical defect. Technical defects are covered by the guarantee and are characterized by abnormal behavior of the battery.
Example: The device can only charge up to 40%.

all Refurbished devices | Garanzia 12 Mesi | 70% in meno di emissioni di CO₂